Seven more companies join EUROPUR in May and June!

We have reported in April that 6 companies have joined our association in 2022. Since then, seven more companies became members of EUROPUR, totaling 13 new members this year only, and more than a 100 in total. Together, our members operate >70% of the PU foam plants in wider Europe and produce around 1,1 million tonnes of […]

EUROPUR Members Elect a New Board of Directors

Berlin, DE, 8 June 22  For immediate release     Today, at EUROPUR’s General Assembly, members elected a new Board of Directors, for a mandate of three years. The new Board of Directors is composed of 16 members: 9 representatives of flexible polyurethane foam manufacturers, 1 representative of a national association of foam producers and 5 […]

So far EUROPUR welcomes six new members in 2022!

Home Group Home Group is a polyurethane foam produces from Ukraine primarily supplying Home Group Holdings, a major upholstered furniture producer in Europe. Click HereWakol Headquartered in Pirmasens, Germany, Wakol specializes i.a. in foam adhesives for mattresses and upholstery. Click HereDolidolDolidol brings 50-year-long expertise in manufacturing of polyurethane foam, bedding and furniture. Headquartred in Morocco, […]

Price Volatility: Flexible PU Foam is no Exception

European consumers notice it every day: inflation is hitting us all hard. The Eurozone inflation rate was 7.5% in March 2022 on a yearly basis, with some EU countries approaching the 10%. Largely linked to the international context and more particularly to oil and gas, the price of many products made with chemicals has also […]