Why certification?

Demand for certified polyurethane foam is increasing notably due to consumer demand, which is relayed by bedding and furniture manufacturers.

Being able to offer certified foam for bedding or upholstered furniture gives foam suppliers the value-added edge in today’s highly competitive market by:

  • Differentiating your products from substandard foams
  • Reassuring customers about your foam
  • Addressing topical consumer issues
  • Demonstrating your commitment to environmental stewardship
  • Standard ether foams
  • High resilience foams
  • Combustion modified high resilience foams
  • Combustion modified ether foams
  • Visco-elastic foams
  • Combustion modified visco-elastic foams
  • Flame retardant foams containing brominated flame retardants
  • You need to send the application form to the Secretariat of EUROPUR.

CertiPUR is the standard that was developed specifically by the foam industry for the foam industry. Achieving the CertiPUR label is a guarantee for your customers that the foam you produce is state of the art.

What products can be certified?

CertiPUR covers a certain number of categories of foams. They all have to meet the same specification as highlighted in the CertiPUR technical paper:

How to apply?

Please download the CertiPUR Technical Paper, which provides more information on the procedure to apply for the CertiPUR label and lists substances that are prohibited or restricted under CertiPUR.

In a nutshell:

  • They will direct you to a laboratory to have a foam sample from the foam families for which you apply for the CertiPUR label tested.
  • If the foam samples pass the test successfully you will qualify to receive a CertiPUR label for three years.
  • Every year after that, new foam samples will be tested to verify that the foam you produce still fulfils the criteria of CertiPUR. Should this not be the case, EUROPUR reserves the right to cancel your label.