Important resources and minutes of meetings of EUROPUR and EURO-MOULDERS are available on our extranet, the access to which is restricted to members. Please click the button below to connect to the extranet.


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You need to create an account and choose your own password. Information on how to do this is available in our Guidance on How to create Your Account.

To create an account you need to use the invitation email you received from us. If you did not receive such an invitation or lost it, please contact Raffaella Salerno ( so that she sends you one.

If you forgot your password you can request its reinitialization via the homepage of the extranet.


Depending on the working groups you are participating in, different levels of users have been determined as follows:

  • All members: access to the shared resources of EUROPUR and EURO-MOULDERS
  • Members of EUROPUR or EURO-MOULDERS: access to the proprietary resources of the association you are member of
  • Members of our Working Groups: access to the minutes and documents of the working groups
  • Board members: access to the minutes of Board meetings

All members can get access to the resources of our working groups upon request. If you are not a member of such groups but would like to get access to those resources, please contact Raffaella Salerno ( For her to change your user level you need to have created your account (see above).


If you require support in navigating the extranet, please read: Introduction to our SharePoint Extranet

If you forgot your password you can request its reinitialisation on the homepage

For any additional support, please contact Rafaella Salerno (