EU Member States adopts CertiPUR criteria for EU Eco-Label for Mattresses

22 November 2013

On 22 November, EU Members States adopted the new criteria for the Eco-Label for mattresses. When doing so, they included the CertiPUR criteria for flexible foam as the key specification for PU foams to comply with for obtaining the Eco-Label.

CertiPUR label holders can thus prove to their customers wishing to obtain the Eco-Label for mattresses that they comply with the requirements for foam. The final document is now being sent to the European Parliament for tacit approval (under the so-called scrutiny procedure) and will be translated into all official languages of the EU. It should be published in the official journal of the European Communities at the end of 2014 and the new criteria should become effective as from then.

The European Commission is now starting to work on similar criteria for the Eco-Label for furniture. EUROPUR will of course follow the process closely in order to seek to achieve the same results for furniture than for mattresses.

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