REACH – ECHA sees no need to tighten up controls on the use of TDI

26 November 2013

On 26 November, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) announced that there is no need to tighten up controls on use of TDI (toluene diisocyanate) within the European Union. TDI was being investigated under the ECHA's substance evaluation process which started in 2012.

The agency added that the evaluating member state, Poland, did not ask for further information and so there was no draft decision. "The evaluating member state has instead finalised its assessment and drawn conclusions about the suspected risks," said ECHA.

The ECHA said of TDI: "The risks were verified to be under appropriate control. However, exposure to TDI is linked with the development of occupational asthma. If current occupational exposure limits are complied with and good control of exposures at work places is followed, isocayanate related asthma can be minimised."

The ECHA said it invited the Member States, competent authorities and the Commission to consider if further action is necessary.

For the full text of the substance evaluation by Poland of TDI, please visit: