Statement on consequences of TDI contamination with harmful substances on flexible PU foam

19 October 2017

Brussels, 19 October 2017

This statement follows EUROPUR’s statement published on 11 October. Since then, risk assessments on mattresses, processing and handling of foam and sponges performed by BASF have been provided to a number of trade associations, including EUROPUR. An “EH&S question and answers” document dated 13 October has also been provided by BASF and has been provided to affected companies and EUROPUR.

By letter to their affected customers dated 18 October, BASF stated - on the basis of the risk assessments performed - that there is no health hazard coming from the use of furniture and mattresses made from the contaminated TDI produced by BASF in Ludwigshafen from 26 August to 29 September, provided the contamination of the foams is below the worst case assumptions made in their risk assessment.

Out of due diligence, EUROPUR has in the past days requested a second and independent opinion on BASF’s risk assessments by a highly qualified expert, Prof. Dr. Thomas Schupp of the University of Applied Sciences of Münster (Germany). As a result we have received risk evaluations for the substances concerned from him for both workers and consumers dated 17 October. The conclusions of Prof. Schupp’s comprehensive risk evaluations support those of the risk assessments performed by BASF. These worst-case risk evaluations will be supplemented with a qualitative report based on test results received from affected companies. All documents will be provided to companies who were supplied with contaminated TDI for communication to their customers. Furthermore, we were also informed that, today, the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety also supported the conclusions of BASF’s risk assessments.

The letter from BASF to its customers dated 18 October also clarifies the scope of the collection of foams and semi-finished products made thereof produced with contaminated TDI and still in warehouses.

From the above, EUROPUR considers that BASF has now via their risk assessments and “EH&S questions and answers” provided valid information on the most urgent questions related to health and safety of consumers and workers as well as collection of products made with non-conforming TDI still in the supply chain. We trust the latter will be worked out in further details.



The above statement has been prepared in good faith based on the information available to us to date. No warranties are made with regard to its completeness, accuracy or reliability and neither EUROPUR aisbl nor its members will accept liability for damages resulting from the use of or reliance on the information it contains.


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