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02 July 2024

EUROPUR Welcomes 8 New Members in 2024

EUROPUR, the European Association of Flexible Polyurethane Foam Block Manufacturers, welcomes the addition of 8 companies to its membership in the first half of 2024. The continued expansion of our association to all parts of the flexible polyurethane foam value chain further enhances our efforts in sustainability, product stewardship, and health and safety.

Among the 8 companies there are 4 regular members (European flexible PU foam producers) and 4 associate members (service providers and various suppliers to the PU foam industry). All new members had the opportunity to introduce their companies to the wider membership during the EUROPUR General Assembly that took place in Istanbul on 12 June 2024.

New Regular Members to the association include three PU slabstock foam producers from Türkiye: (i) Safas Plastik is a major producer of flexible polyurethane foam in Türkiye, operating manufacturing plants in Adana, Gebze and Ankara, with the fourth one under construction; (ii) İnter Sünger Kimya is based in Istanbul and founded in 1987, supplying flexible polyurethane foam for mainly furniture and upholstery markets; (iii) Mitsan Sünger is established in 1976 and started to produce flexible PU foam under the Mitsan Sünger brand in 1998; and one foamer from the United Kingdom, (iv) Alfrecell – a company established in 1960 and in 1972 started their foaming and conversion site in Alfreton. Formerly it was a part of Recticel and has been independent since 2023.

New Associate Members are: (v) Cellmat Technologies is a Spain-based R&D company specialising in the field of polymeric foams. Their expertise encompasses various stages of the production process, from raw materials selection to process optimisations with the use of advanced software tools; (vi) Lawter is a global, bio-based, specialty company with a European base in Belgium. For the flexible polyurethane foam industry Latwer supplies bio-polyols based on pine chemicals; (vii) Walki Group is well known in the flexible polyurethane foam industry for supplying carrier solutions globally, with the main solution called Peel Foam; and (viii) Everad Adhesives, a renowned producer of several kinds of glues for mattresses, furniture, and technical foam industries.

The association looks forward to working closely with each of them to achieve our shared vision of a sustainable and safe future for flexible polyurethane foam.

At the moment, EUROPUR membership comprises 65 foam producers and 64 companies from the flexible polyurethane foam value chain. Our regular members operate well over 120 foam plants and account for ~90% of the slabstock PU foam production in Europe.