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CertiPUR is a voluntary testing, analysis and certification programme for the environment, health and safety properties of polyurethane foam used in bedding and upholstered furniture applications. 

It identifies substances that may not be used in the production of polyurethane foams and sets stringent maximum limits for some components.
Foams that conform to CertiPUR are notably certified to be:

  • Made without heavy metals such as mercury, lead, or cadmium for example
  • Made without dyes that are carcinogenic or allergenic as described by EU legislation
  • Made without Phthalate plasticisers
  • Made without substances that cause cancer or may cause heritable genetic damage
  • Emitting low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

Any polyurethane foam producer can apply for the CertiPUR label. Foam samples for which he requests the label are tested in independent laboratories. If the samples are shown to conform with the specifications of the CertiPUR standard, the manufacturer receives a CertiPUR label valid for three years. Control tests are performed every year during the period of validity of the label to ensure the foam produced keeps conformingwith the specifications of CertiPUR.

Purchasing a mattress or furniture bearing the CertiPUR logo therefore ensures that the foam it contains complies with the stringent specifications of CertiPUR. It may however be possible that other certificates are still displayed on mattresses, as some certification schemes cover all components of a mattress or of furniture. Schemes with comparable quality requirements for polyurethane foam are notably Oeko Tex 100 and the EU Ecolabel.