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07 July 2023

EUROPUR Welcomes 15 New Members in 2023

EUROPUR, the European Association of Flexible Polyurethane Foam Block Manufacturers, is delighted to announce the addition of 15 companies to its membership in the first half of 2023. This influx of new members reflects the continued expansion of our association to all parts of the flexible polyurethane foam value chain, allowing it to strengthen its activities on sustainability, product stewardship and health and safety.

Among the 15 companies, there are 6 regular members (European flexible PU foam producers) and 9 associate members (suppliers to the industry, service providers and non-European flexible PU foam producers). All new members had the opportunity to introduce their companies to the wider membership during the EUROPUR General Assembly that took place in Budapest on 14 June 2023. The new members joining EUROPUR in 2023 bring diverse expertise and we are excited to collaborate with them and leverage their collective knowledge to further the European PU foam industry.

In January we welcomed two foamers: Foamtek LLC –  a flexible PU foam producer based in Dnipro (Ukraine), and Vefer Poliuretani* – one of the larger foam producers in Italy, headquartered in the Lombardy region. With the addition of Foamtek, all Ukrainian foam producers are now members of EUROPUR. 

Three associate members joined our association in February and March. International Industries LLC is the polyurethane foam manufacturing division of Intercoil International LLC, one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of bedding products in the Middle East. The company was established in 1974 and is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. Econic Technologies is a UK-based company that is ‘Turning CO2 into endless potential’, by providing a catalyst and a process technology to polyol manufacturers. Mondi Group is a well-established paper process liner and packaging supplier to the flexible polyurethane foam industry. 

The association also welcomed three logistics companies: i) Qbex Logistics. Based in Ridderkerk (The Netherlands), ii) Royal Den Hartogh based in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and iii) Bertschi Group, headquartered in Dürrenäsch (Switzerland). All three companies offer comprehensive supply chain solutions, including transportation, storage, and value-added services, while prioritising environmental stewardship and safety throughout their operations.

Finally, in May and June seven companies joined EUROPUR. Starting from chemical suppliers, Chimcomplex is the largest manufacturer of chemical products in Romania, producing polyols for polyurethane production in central and eastern Europe. Everlight Chemical is a global supplier of additives and adhesives for the flexible PU foam industry. Headquartered in Taiwan, the company is operating its business in Europe from its corporate office in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Concentrol is a family company based in Girona (Spain), with over 80 years of experience in the chemical sector, notably supplying additives and adhesives for the flexible polyurethane foam industry.

JanssenFoam is a polyurethane foam producer based in Cairo (Egypt). The company is a part of Bedjanssen group, one the first mattress & bedding brands in Egypt and in the Middle East. Strandfoam is a pioneer of polyurethane manufacturing in South Africa (more than a half century of expertise) and since last year, they are operating a slabstock PU plant in Swindon (United Kingdom). ME.RES – Meridionale Resine* is based in Avellino (Italy), and has been producing flexible PU foam since 1971. The company is today supplying mainly bedding and upholstered furniture markets. Tespol Espuma is an Andalusian producer of flexible polyurethane foam based in Villa del Rio (Spain).

*The company joined AIPEF – Italian Association of Flexible Foam Producers and therefore indirectly became a member of EUROPUR.

At the moment, EUROPUR membership comprises 59 foam producers and 58 companies from the flexible polyurethane foam value chain. Our regular members operate well over 100 foam plants and account for ~80% of the slabstock PU foam production in Europe. Fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among its members is among the missions of EUROPUR. The association looks forward to a fruitful partnership with all its new members for shaping a sustainable future for our industry.