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08 June 2016

EU flexible PU foam production increased 5.2% in 2015

At EUROPUR's Annual Conference, Angela Austin, from Labyrinth Research and Market Ltd, presented the results of the annual data collection she is carrying out for our trade association. This year her project was extended to cover additional important flexible PU foam producing countries, such as Russia, Turkey or the Ukraine.

The results presented are the final data for the year 2015 for the production of flexible slabstock polyurethane foam. They may therefore differ from other sources that also include discontinuous or moulded foam production. The data is based on declarations of foam producers themselves, validated by industry experts and aggregated in compliance with competition law.

Our data shows that PU foam production has been growing in the EU28, Switzerland and Norway by 5.2% in 2015 to reach a total of 926,161 tonnes (combining polyether and polyester foam). Employment in the industry increased by around 2.5% to slightly over 16,000 employees and turnover increased to about 3.4 billion EUR. One can therefore conclude that 2015 has been a decent year overall for the PU foam industry in Europe, although performance varies in different regions of the continent.

Slides presenting the data can be downloaded below. More detailed statistics including data on downstream markets are available for EUROPUR members on our extranet.

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